Dark Ages

Dark Ages

Press [F10] to activate the cheat.

Key - Effect:
[Backspace] - Reduce extra health requirement to 5 coins.
[+] - Rapid fire.
[=] - Auto fire.

Faster move or attack:
Press [F9], then add yourself to your ignore list. You can attack and move
without a delay because the attack animation will not happen.

Easy money:
Go to the Crypt in Mileth. When there, go to the second floor and kill spiders.
The spiders drop "Spider's Eye", which can be sold to the Dark Wizard in Mileth
for 500 gp each. This is a good way to make money, especially for beginners.

Perma Ghost:
Normally, if you get turned into a ghost, there's no way to remain a ghost
without losing your stuff. However, there's a glitch. Go to the arena, and
have someone defeat you in combat. Then have an arena host boot you out of
the arena. You will keep all of your possessions intact, and be able to move
around Temuair (and possibly Medenia) as a ghost. You can't attack, can't be
hurt, targeted by monsters, etc. To be turned back, you'll have to return to
the arena, and go into the arena combat zone, then ask a mundane to remove
you from the arena. Then you will be placed in Mileth once more as an Aisling,
and not as a Ghost.