Can't Kill Me...
Objective: Resurrect at an Outhouse

Destroyer of Chickens
Objective: Kill 100 Chickens

The Day the Music Died
Objective: Kill Sergeant Orque

Extracurricular Activities
Objective: Finish 50 Side Quests

I'm an Addict
Objective: Drink 50 Potions

Justice Dispenser
Objective: Kill 2500 Enemies

Mr. Tough Guy
Objective: Reach Level 20

Man In The Hole
Objective: Complete 6 Spelunker Quests

Underground Subway
Objective: Discover all 30 Teleporting Outhouses

Take Back The Knight
Objective: Kill Lord Von Prong

Objective: Destroy all 3 Queen Greems

Menu Hero
Objective: Dispense the Good, Vanquish the Evil