Disciples: Sacred Lands - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Code Effect
givememoney 5000 Mana and Gold
upgrademe Next Fight will Level up your Leader and Units
letmemove Refill Units Movement
playhideandseek Become Invisble
iwanttokilleverybody Be at War with Everyone
iloveallofyou Be at Peace with Everyone
iwanttobuildagain Be able to Build again
iwillkeepaneyeonyou Reveal Enemy/Monster
whoturnedoffthelights Hide Map
nowicanseeyou Reveal Map
whataloseriam Instant Loss
nobodycanbeatme Instant Win
givemeanotherchance Revive Dead Units One Unit Must Still be Alive
makemestronger Recover Health
wouldyou? Be in Alliance with Everyone

Submitted by: Leon id4iimbox4.singnet.com.sg

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