Disney's Donald Duck Goin' Quackers - Secret Moves


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Secret Moves

First, go to any level. Every time you get 5 cogs in one second, you get a letter of the word "Special". If you make the word "Special" and beet the level, your nephues will tell you a special move. [NOTE] You can do this in every level.

Golden yarn

On the first stage you will come up on some logs on the wall. You need do a scream by the logs and they will brake and you will find the yarn.To do the scream you have to hit square a lot to here him scream.

Duckburg Special Moves

Soccer Shop -> X X O O
Spicy Golf -> tri tri tri
Fab Lifting -> tri tri Square, Square

tri stands for triangle

Duckie Mountain Special Moves

Yogabound -- up X X X X
Ring a Ding-Dong -- up O O O O
Soap Opera -- up X O X O
Pole Pose -- up X O O X


Magica's Manor Special Moves

Tap Ten -- D-Down, Triangle, Square; Triangle, Square
Ballet Basket -- D-Down, Square, Square, Square, Square
Stilt Tilt -- D-Down, Square, Square, Triangle, Square

Beat Merlock

message: The very last bad guy is merlock. first u have to stay off the blocks that fall the you have to run and not get hit by the tornado. then merlock will be one person in the center of the ring. Then he will split into four guys. One of the guys has a sparkly necklace that guy is the real merlock. run up and hit him do this three times.

Temporary Invincibility

To be invincible for a short time perform a special move. To do this you jump on 3 enemies, press R1 before you hit the ground. When Donald starts counting down, enter the special moveexample: Up, XOXO [Soap Opera].

Beat Magica de Spell

First, Magica will throw out 2 lasers on the floor. First time twice. Second time three times. Third time 4 times. Jump over them. Then she will throw a glowing ball that transforms into many large lasers. Avoid them. Then she will make skeleton climb up the balcany and onto the floor. Wait til she flys above, knock the boned freak into oblivion and the skull will hit her head. Do this 3 times. Then she will give in very funny closing movie when a skull becomes her mask, forever.

Beat The Beagle Boys

First, they will try to drop a gigantic ball on your head. Avid this especially the second time, the floor will break Then avoid the bombs they throw out. Then, the giant ball will swing at you. Avoid. Then, when the ball swings into the giant machine, a Beagle Boy will fall off. Then, knockem' off one by one Do this 3 times.

Beat The Chicken

Thisn's tough for a first boss. When she throws out eggs, avoid then, when the chicks hatch, knock em' off. When you're done, run in one direction and don't stop. When she falls, she'll get up again. Then run in 1 direction and when she's above you run in the other direction. When she's done, she'll fall and her helmet will fall off her head. Jump on her head and forget about that nickel Gladstone's. Do this 3 times and she'll give in.

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