Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 - Bonus Items


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Bonus Items:
To get Bardock, Babidi's Pot and a Silver Membership Card have a saved game from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 on your memory card.

Alternate Costumes:
When choosing a character at the selection screen press Left.

Additional difficulty settings:
To unlock difficulty 'Z'successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on Very Hard difficulty.
To unlock difficulty 'Z2' successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty 'Z'.
To unlock difficulty 'Z3' successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty 'Z2'.
To unlock a Trophy successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty 'Z3'.

Unlock Dragon Arena:
To unlock Dragon Arena successfully complete Dragon Universe mode with all eleven characters: Piccolo, Vegeta, Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan, Gohan, Goku, Broly, Uub, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien.

Finding Dragon Balls:
The following is a list of how to find the Dragon Balls in Dragon Universe.

Two Dragon Balls are in Saiyan Saga Earth
The first ball is by the white plains; around Red Ribbon Army Base.
The second ball is between the upper two main Islands.

Two Dragon Balls are in Frieza Saga Namek
The third ball is at the upper right island.
The fourth ball is on the left Island near map border, southwest of the upper left Island.

One Dragon Ball is in Cell Games Earth
The fifth ball is found where the compass is on the map in the water.

Two Dragon Ball are in Buu Saga Earth
The sixth ball is by the main Island towards the middle by North City.
The seventh ball is at a little sandbar Island looks like a beach near the Martial Arts tournament.

In Kid Gohan's story mode, there are four Dragonballs on Earth and three Dragonballs on planet Namek. Some Dragonballs may be in the water.

Omega Shenron: Easy money
Go to the tournament, and when it starts, fly to the edge of the ring. Equip Concentration. When your opponent attacks, teleport behind them and attack them. Sometimes this causes a "warp battle" but if you have enough ki you should win.

SSJ4 Goku:
On the second through Dragon universe mode, defeat kid buu with super spirt bomb. There will be a continuation of Dragon Universe. Do not go to the red dot. Instead, look around the small islands next to it. You should find a "???". Go to it and you should see goku's ssj4 capsule.

Omega Shenron:
Once invited to fight against Gotenks at a tournament in Dragon Universe, vist Bulma in west city. Defeat Gotenks to get Omega Shenron.

99 Chance of Successful Ultimate Attack:
This only works for people who can transform. Go into Hyper Mode, fly up to them and transform. They will be "Guard Broken" and then launch the attack. Sometimes they will teleport, but not often.

Cell jr:
To get cell jr. have a level 36 character in dragon areana and challenge level 66 fat buu then pick any stage and eventually piccolo will break-in. Beat piccolo to get Cell jr.

To get Bardock:
To get Bardock start with Goku's Universe and just at the beginning go to the Saiyan Space Pod that's near some Mountains.

If you choose a character with transformations, fly as close to them as posible, then transform. They will be stunned for about 3 seconds. In that time, use combos and start to punch them. This should raise your ki about one level. Then all you have to do is fly up to them and do it again.

To Face Uub:
To fight Uub you have to be in Goku's Universe and you have to be up to the part where you face Kid Buu and you have to have Spirit Bomb equipped ok so fight him and dont turn into any Transformation and then use Spirit Bomb and then you have to do an Attack Win and then instead of Spirit Bomb it will say Super Spirit Bomb so Goku uses it and then just follow the story line and eventually you'll fight Uub.

Unlock Broly:
To get Broly you at least have to have beaten Goku's DU once. After Buu absorbs Gohan go to ??? near where Gohan was absorbed then talk to Hercule. Then go near the red dot but Do NOT GO THERE Find MOUNTAINS then talk to Supreme Kai he then says "I sense a power stronger than Buu". Then go to the red dot after you beat Buu. Inside go to the dot and Vegeta says "I will take care of Buu" you then find ??? which is your next destination. Beat him and youll get Broly.

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