Drift City - Cheat mode


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Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during game play.

Code - Effect:

[Ctrl] [Shift] [Minus] - Add to your boost bar

[Ctrl] [Shift] [F1] to [F10] - Change camera angles

[Ctrl] [Shift] [Keyboard 0] - Halloween night sky

[Ctrl] [Shift] O - Invisible buildings, terrain and other objects

[Ctrl] [Shift] V - Invisible cars

[Ctrl] [Shift] T - Invisible roads

[Ctrl] [Shift] U - Invisible speedometer, mini-map, and other controls and labels

[Ctrl] [Shift] R - Reset screen to the top left corner

[Ctrl] [Shift] P - Show debug information

[Ctrl] [Shift] N - Show FPS and lag

[Ctrl] [Shift] F - Show FPS and texture info

[Ctrl] [Shift] [Keypad 0] - Start Korean Google

[Ctrl] [Shift] E - Turns hazard warning lights

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