Dungeons & Dragons Tactics - Simple bugvulnerability exploit


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Simple bug/vulnerability exploit:
When you have a character with the green "level up" option press the "party management button" as soon as you press the "party management button" you can quickly hit the [L] or [R] buttons on top of the PSP to toggle to a character without level up and you will notice that the option to "man level up" or "Automatic level up" will appear as an option for the character you toggled to. I have been successful toggling three characters away so you should with practice be able to level the entire party. Note to get all six you need to have a floater low level guy with level up option to give to the charecter you used for your other five toons.

Additionally, I would suggest level as max 19 go through the game with three characters; a rouge, a sorcerer, and a cleric. You will be able to beat the game much faster without the boredom of six characters to mover around a dungeon in explorer mode. Also note you need to exit out of party management each time you level to repeat this option. I would suggest going no higher than 19 as it gives you another two levels to advance any higher and you could crash your game.

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