EA Sports Fight Night 2004 - Big Head Mode


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Big Head Mode

From the main menu, select "my corner," and enter LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT.

Big Tigger Character

Select "My Corner" from the main menu and then look at the record books. View the "Most Wins - Boxer" screen and press UP twice. Tigger is a middleweight fighter.

Get Midget Mode

From the main menu, enter LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT

Open All Arenas

From the "My Corner" menu, enter LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT

Ring Girls, Trucks, and More

To unlock extras such as ring girls, bonus trucks, special punches, new entrance music, and more, simply copmlete in the Career mode and win fights.

Bolo Punch

Defeat Ray Leonard

Ducking Hook Punch

Defeat Muhammad Ali

Look Ma No Hands Punch

Defeat Roy Jones Jr.

Lunging Hook Special Punch

Defeat Bernard Hopkins

Lunging Hook Special Punch

Defeat Evander Holyfield

Watch the Birdie

Defeat Bernard Hopkins

Taunt With All Controller Configs

Not all controller configs have a dedicated taunt button, such as configs 3 and 5. To taunt when using these controller configs simply press L1 R1 Click Left Thumbstick Click Right Thumbstick, L1 R1 Click Left Thumbstick Click Right Thumbstick during any fight.

Do an Uppercut Without Total Control

To perform an uppercut with Total Control Punching disabled, press Jab Hook together.

Wake up from knockdowns.

To stand up after getting knocked down--not knocked out--use the Left and Right Analog Sticks to match up the three blurry images of the ref. Find a focal point, such as the EA logo on the ref's shirt, and move the two images to match the one that stays still.

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