Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon - Various cheats

Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon - Various cheats

Various cheats

Code Effect
additem "Gold100" [number] Add indicated amount of gold
filljournal Adds all entries to journal
setwaterbreathing 1 Breathe Underwater
setflying 1 Flight Mode
getfactionreaction [faction ID] Get faction reaction
ra Reset enemies, NPCs, players
fillmap Show all the towns on full map
help Show help commands
setsuperjump 1 Super Jumps
fixme Teleport 128 units from location
ta Toggle AI
tb Toggle borders
tfow Toggle fog of war
tks Toggle kill statistics
tl Toggle lighting
tms Toggle magic statistics
ts Toggle sky
twa Toggle water/no water
tw Toggle World
setwaterwalking 1 Walk on Water


Are you here for Stalhrim Armor...friend ?

Make sure you have 1 piece of stalhrim and when youget to the Nords, SAVE

Ok, now go into your inventory and filter it down to-weapons- and just leave it, now talk with the weapongal about your weapon you want built, ask her to buildit then it'll say 1 piece has been removed...WRONG

Now go back to your inventory, scroll over and filterit down to -misc.- and viola you should still haveyour piece of bling bling err stalhrim. Drop it andpick it back up to reuse the same piece over and overagain, if you don't drop it they'll tell you you don'thave enough in your inventory even though you'reshowing a piece still.

Same with the armor....just make sure you have itfiltered down to -apparel- before you talk with them.
Submitted by ZUZU D3MON S33D