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Unlock Wyvernite Armour:
Collect the Armour Fragments that are hidden throughout the game to unlock the Wyvernite Armour. You will need this armour to beat the Finale chapter and reach the final boss. There is one Armour Fragment in each world but they can be easily missed due to branching paths.

Wyvernite Armor Fragment 1:
World 1 Stage 5, take the upper path by jumping with the Hawk knight.

Wyvernite Armour Fragment 2:
World 2 Stage 3, after going uphill, take the upper path by jumping with the Hawk knight, then jump again at the end of the platform.

Wyvernite Armour Fragment 3:
World 3 Stage 1, when the sign comes up for the Hawk Knight to jump, this time, Do not jump. If you do you will land on a lower platform.

Wyvernite Armour Fragment 4:
World 4, Stage 4, take the highest path by using the Oceaneer at every water geyser.

Wyvernite Armour Fragment 5:
World 5, Stage 9, after leaving the top tower and flying with the Griffacores you will get a brief glimpse of the armour below. You will need to drop down low to collect it.

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