Evolve Stage 2

Evolve Stage 2

A general tips and tricks for Lennox:

- Plasma Lance can his through objects. Pay attention to the red crosshair as
mentioned before.This is important because it lets you know the timing to hit!

- Slay any hostile wildlife; One or two plasma lances can kill small wildlife.
Careful when facing larger wildlife, as it takes more hits to kill them, and
pay attention to when they charge or pounce to keep up the lance charges.

- Thunder Strike has AoE damage! Use this against large packs of wildlife. If
you get hit with an ability while leaping, your AoE may still have a chance to

- Try to predict where the monster is moving to land a Thunder Strike.
Time it correctly against Wraiths Abduction spot, or Goliaths Charge path.
It does not cover much height when in mid air, so stay above a Kraken and time
when he dashes.

- Spread away from a downed hunter to get the monster to focus another player.
Getting close may not be an option, so use the Auto Cannon to pick as their

- Always play aggressively when your shield is ready/up! Start playing
defensively when the shield is down. Get some lance shots in if the monster
isn't focusing you, then switch to the auto cannon when backing off.

- When engaging the beginning of a dome, try to kill some wildlife first,
then attack the monster. You wont have to ramp your damage against the monster
as much, and you will do more damage faster!

- Trouble against Kraken? Get to high ground, and stick to the auto cannon.
When the Kraken descends, Thunder Strike/Plasma Lance away! It may help to
practice aiming the Auto Cannon in single player games.

- Plasma Lance has just enough range to keep out of Wraiths Warp Blast. Try
not to be too close to the wraith when she uses it. Use it from above when
she uses Supernova, it helps to have a jetpack recharge perk or Sunny to aid
with this.