Excite Truck - Fly into the air

Excite Truck - Fly into the air
Fly into the air:
On the Scotland Highland Moors level in multi-player mode, drive backwards and continue until you see the castle bridge. Go under it until you see the "" icon which activates a certain part of the level. This will trigger the bridge of the castle to fall down. Once it has fallen, go back to the bridge and drive under and into one of the sides of the bridge. If hit in the correct place, you should be launched very high into the air. NOTE: This may cause the game to freeze.

Cool down engine:
When using turbo and your engine starts to overheat, drive in water or a puddle to cool it down.

Diamond Cup:
Successfully complete the Platinum Cup with a "B" rank or higher to unlock the Diamond Cup, which only contains one track. The final track is called Crystal Road, and is located on Nebula, far out in space.

Extra Turbo Boost:
When hitting any type of hill or ramp, tap Turbo2, D-pad in any direction to get the "Extra Turbo Boost". This is helpful for reaching the rings when jumping and to help recover the top spot during the race. It can be used repeatedly, and is helpful when you are about to overheat. You can cover extremely large gaps in the race even when there is not a cliff below you.

New Modes:
To unlock Mirror Race Mode, obtain an S ranking on each track in the Super Excite race mode. To unlock Super Excite Mode, defeat all races with an S ranking in Excite Mode.

New Paint Job Alternate Method:
Finish three races with an S ranking using a single truck.

Special Race Icons:
Get all S Grades in Super Challenge Mode.

Super Excite Mode:
Clear all races in excite mode with an S rating.

The Crazy Super Truck:
Get an "S" rank on all races in Mirror mode to unlock "The Crazy Super Truck". It is the same as the Super Truck, but has power permanently through the entire race. Therefore, you will not overheat and can always race with the turbo.

Unlock Alternate Paint Job:
Finish three races with an S ranking using a single truck.

Unlock Final Course:
After unlocking Super Excite Mode, get passing grades on all the races in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Cups. Then the Diamond Cup will be unlocked. It is only contains one race. This course is called Crystal Road, and is located on Nebula, way out in space.

Unlock Gold Cup:
Complete Silver Cup.

Unlock Mirror Race Mode:
Obtain S-Rank on all tracks on Super Excite race mode.

Unlock Monster Truck:
Unlock the alternate paint jobs for the other 19 trucks.

Unlock New Paint Job:
Win 10 races with a single truck.

Unlock New Paint Job Alternate Method:
Finish three races with an S ranking using a single truck.

Unlock Platinum Cup:
Complete Gold Cup.

Unlock Silver Cup:
Complete Bronze Cup.

Unlocking Trucks:
After you earn a certain amount of total stars, a new truck is unlocked. The total number of stars you currently have isn&8217;t listed anywhere in the game, so you&8217;ll have to keep track of it yourself.

The new trucks that are unlocked with Super Excite Mode are a little different: if you have earned past the number of stars required to unlock the Dynamo, then the first SE mode truck Dynamo is unlocked after earning 500 more stars, then every subsequent truck is unlocked after the difference between that truck and the next truck is earned. Example: the Mongoose is unlocked after you earn 1000 stars after unlocking the Dynamo, regardless of your over-all star count.

Effect - Code
Alpine - 2500 Stars
Blaster - 1000 Stars after Mongoose
Dominator - 5000 Stars
Dynamo - 8000 Stars. If your total exceeds 8000 once Super Excite mode is unlocked, you must earn 500 more stars to unlock it.
Kodiac - 1000 Stars after Trekker
Mako - 1000 Stars after Blaster
Mongoose - 1000 Stars after Dynamo
Rad - 6000 Stars
Raven - 3500 Stars
Razor - 7000 Stars
Saguaro - 2000 Stars after Kodiac
Serpent - 1500 Stars
Summit - 750 Stars
Trekker - 1000 Stars after Mako
Wasp - 3000 Stars after Wolverine
Wolverine - 2000 Stars after Saguaro