FIFA '96 - Various Codes


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Various Codes

Pause the game select Options and enter any of the following codes:Key:S SquareC CircleT TriangleX XR Right / L Left / U Up / D Down

Effect Code
Invisible Walls X X X T S S S T
Curve Ball T S X T X X
Super Power T S T8x
Super Goalie S5x T5x
Super Offense S5x T X
Super Defense T5x X T
ShootOut S T S X S T
Stupid Team S T X S TX

For these series of codes do the same as above but after entering the codes quit your game and go back to the setup menu. Select Options and look at the bottom of the list to see the hidden options

Effect Code
Formal S T X S T T X T
Federation S T X S T T X X
Dynamic Duo S T X S T T T S
Invisible S T X S T T X T
Default Color Pallete S T X S T T T X
Oktoberfest S T X S T T T T
Dream Team S S T T X X S S
EA Custom Team S T X S T T S S

Secret Intro

While the introduction is playing, press Square, Triangle to view some bonus intros.

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