FIFA Street


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Are we there yet? (Bronze)
Objective: Reach the World Tour map screen for the first time

Challenge the pros (Bronze)
Objective: Win a street challenge against an authentic club team in stage 4 of world tour

Friendly Publicity (Bronze)
Objective: Watch a video posted by one of your Friends

Geometry was good for something (Bronze)
Objective: Score a goal by deflecting the ball off a wall

Got any Nutmeg? (Bronze)
Objective: Panna your first Opponent

Local Heroes (Bronze)
Objective: Win the final national tournament with at least 8 created players on your team

Making new Friends (Bronze)
Objective: Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommendation feature

New Champion (Bronze)
Objective: Win a World Tour Tournament for the first time

Online-Enthusiast (Bronze)
Objective: Win a game of 5 a side, 6 a side and Futsal online

Regional Street Champion (Bronze)
Objective: Win stage 1 of World Tour

Shopping Spree (Bronze)
Objective: Wear an Unlocked item in any game mode

Time to Celebrate (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock a created player celebration and perform it in game

Ultimate Humiliation (Bronze)
Objective: Score a goal with a Panna

Video Proof (Bronze)
Objective: Upload a saved video

Watching Film (Bronze)
Objective: Watch a gameplay tutorial video

Who brought the snacks? (Bronze)
Objective: Win a tournament with a local Co-Op player

Attributed Success (Silver)
Objective: Upgrade one of your created players attributes to Max

Career Milestone (Silver)
Objective: Score 100 goals with your created player in any game modes

European Champion (Silver)
Objective: Win stage 3 of World Tour

It's Tricky (Silver)
Objective: Unlock 10 tricks on a created player

Mighty Heroes (Silver)
Objective: Have a team with at least 8 created players that are level 50 or higher

Mister Entertainment (Silver)
Objective: Earn 100,000 Style Points with your created player in any game mode

Moving on up (Silver)
Objective: In a street season obtain promotion to the next division

National Street Champion (Silver)
Objective: Win stage 2 of World Tour

Online Cup Champion (Silver)
Objective: Win any Online Cup

Rush Keepers! (Silver)
Objective: Score a goal while controlling your Goal Keeper

Sightseer (Silver)
Objective: In any game mode win a match/event in 50% of the venues

Street Legend (Silver)
Objective: Defeat Messi in a street challenge game

Very Entertaining (Silver)
Objective: Earn at least 1500 Style Points without losing possession

World Tour Around the World (Silver)
Objective: Win any World Tour tournament Online

5 Tool Player (Gold)
Objective: Upgrade 5 attributes on a created player to maximum

Globetrotter (Gold)
Objective: In any game mode win a match/event in every venue

Online Dominance (Gold)
Objective: Win all 9 online cups

World Grand Champion (Gold)
Objective: Win stage 4 of World Tour

Total Street Domination (Platinum)
Objective: Collect all FIFA Street Trophies

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