Fire Blade - Mission 3


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Mission 3

First thing go to stealth modesquareand tag the tower patrols quickly then disable the jeeps. Do the same for the next set of towers. When the tents come up tag the guy with the backpack and then disable the jeep then kill the other two. The next tent do the same. Then after the special Ops are out. Go to stealth mode fast it turns off after their out. Then turn on the thermal vision too, then kill the 4 patrols and follow the special ops until you see the smoke markers, then of course land and pick them up and your good to go And that's from an ace

Different tactics

Sniper - Duck behind a hill and hide from enemies, raise up and take a few shots and duck again to avoid return fire

Save Missiles - Shoot explosive objects like fuel barrels to save your guided missiles

Sniper - Use the sniper scope to get a bead on enemies and shoot them with unguided munitions without a lock on

Day Sights - Use the thermal sight during the day to easily see enemies and vehicles

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