Fire Pro Wrestling A Advance - Get All Wrestlers

Fire Pro Wrestling A Advance - Get All Wrestlers

Get All Wrestlers

Edit a wrestler with the following specs

Nickname = ALL
First Name = STYLE
Last Name = CLEAR
Exchange = Off
Middle = Space
Press Start and return to the main menu.

Hidden Wrestlers

"The Assassin" THE MAULOR = Kevin Nash
"The Jackhammer" THE SMASHER = Bam Bam Bigialow
"Killer Express" UNDEAD GLADIATOR = Hawk
"The Crow" IRON GLADIATOR = Animal
"Hollywood Star" VINCE VON TRAP = Rob Van Dam
"The Guardian" Saber = Vader
"Shining Dragon" AZTECA DRAGON = Ultimo Dragon
"Howling Beast" Flash Burton = Scott Norton
"The Phoenix" RANMARU = Hayabusa
"The Bionic Man" STEVE MAJORS = "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
"The Cremator" DEATH HEAD = The Undertaker
"Crimson Beast" ANONOMYSI. M. = Kane
"The Crybaby" COLE PENA = X-pac
"The Raider" DR. JONES = "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
"The Mexican" TERRY NEVELO = Eddie Guararro
"The Hornet" THE SPIKE = Sting
"Blood Scorpion" BRAD LOVE = Bret Hart
"The Bulldog" Sgt. SMITH = The British Bulldog
"Slim Jim" MR. MANN = "Macho Man" Randy Savage
"Jewel Breaker" KARACHI KID = Diamond Dallas Page
"Roaming Monk" JINSUI KANZAKI = Jinsai Sinzaki

Hidden wrestlers

The following are found after unlocking all the wrestlers:

"The Runner" KLEEBO is HBK Shawn Micheals.
"Slim Jim" Mr. Mann is Macho Man Randy Savage.
"The Lastman" OMEGA is Mick Foley.
"Godfather" MADMAN MUSKI is Vince McMahon.
"Dragon Soldier" YASU OHHASHI is Kaz Hayashi.
"shining Dragon" AZTECA DRAGON is Ultimo Dragon.
"Darkman" KILLA KALANI is The Nature Boy Ric Flair.