Football Manager 2007 - Add manager Cheat

Football Manager 2007 - Add manager Cheat
Add manager Cheat:
If you want all the money or the best players on the game the add manager cheat is the best thing to do. Just start a new game and select the english premiership and any other places that have good players and teams with money. Then choose your starter team and then click add new user. Then on the new user pick a team with money or a player you want and then click add then buy an unwanted player from your team and spend all there money, or go on your real user and buy a player for free from that team and accept the bid on the other user

Big win every time:
When the fixtures screen appears before a match, find out who you are playing and add them as a manager. When it is time, set all their players in bad positions for example, forward as the goalkeeper. Put all their players out wide and play your formation down the middle. You will win about 30-0 every time. This works well for lower league clubs trying to get up.

Real players:
Remove the "fake.lnc" file from the "//sports interactive//football manager 2007//data//db//700//lnc" folder. Start a new game and players that did not appear due to licensing limitations in the normal game will now be present.

Recommended players

Try getting the following players:

Daniel Galbraith Hearts: About 60,000 when you first start the game. When in your reserve squad for a couple of seasons will have 30 to 40 goals a season. Does very well when promoted into first team.

Eddie Johnson DC United: Good striker. Takes two or three seasons to be at his best, but well worth the money. Has a 2.6 million release clause in contract.

Freddy Adu DC United: Young, cheap, and talented.

Jose Montiel Udinese: About 10 million but a good strong midfielder.

Lee Cattermole Middlesbourgh: Good young midfielder. About 250,000, but well worth the money.

Magnus Wolffe Eikrem Wolde: Young, cheap, and very good player.

Nani Sporting Lisbon: Good left winger. A bit costly at about 19 million, but is well worth the money.

Sherman Cardenas Bucuramanga: Excellent young player. Takes a season or two to get into his stride. Well worth the wait and cheap.

Alternately, try getting the following players:

Alexander Frei Dortmund: He is a striker who will get a lot of goals.

Celsinho Lokomotiv Moscow: Great 17 year old attacking player worth £2.1 million.

Daniel Bierofka Stuttgart: Good winger usually on the transfer list.

Dawid Janczyk Legia: Goalscoring young striker.

Dinijar Bilyaletdinov Lokomotiv Moscow: Good young attacking midfielder.

Franck Ribery Marseille: Amazing French winger.

Gareth Bale Southampton: Only 17 but is a talented left back.

Giorgio Chiellini Juventus: Good relatively cheap left back.

Hilario Chelsea: Good transfer listed goalkeeper.

Javier Saviola Barcelona: Usually unsettled at club.

Kris Boyd Rangers: He will get you at the most 30 to 40 goals a season.

Levan Kobiashvili Schalke: Very strong midfielder.

Leyrielton Goias: Good young right back.

Marek Mintal Nurnberg: Good attacking midfielder and forward.

Michalis Konstantinou Olympiakos: Striker from Cyprus but a good goal scorer.

Micheal Staunton Celtic: Good young defender.

Peter Halmosi Debrecen: Good cheap defender and midfielder.

Rodrigo Tiui Fluminese: Good young striker.

Stein Huysegems Feyenoord: Good striker.