Force 21 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Code Effect
novictory Disable the Victory Check
ispy No Fog of War
polytheism Invincibility for Everyone
chessmatch 100 Radar
killenemy Kill All Enemies
neon Mark All Tanks with Yellow Triangles
hasselfoff Instant Loss
grid Display Grid
implines ???
avatar Yellow Boxes Around Vehicles and Buildings
amazon No Trees
fps Display Map Info
london No Clouds
scalemodel x Scales All Models to x Times Their Original Size
scaleturn x Changes Turning Speed
scaleacceleration x Changes Acceleration Speed
scalespeed x Changes Travel Speed
gameoverman Win the Mission
hurt Hurts First Vehicle in Current Platoon
seattle Disables Horizon
chillout Locks Vehicles in Place
id Gives the Type/ID/Unit ID of Currently Selected Vehicle
targetlist Gives a List of Currently Selected Targets
centermass Centers the Camera on the Current Unit
soundbytes Displays the Amount of Memory Used by Sound
exit Exit's to Windows
cameraheight x Changes the Height of the Camera
dir Displays the Current RGB Directional Light Values
dirr x Changes the R Direction Light
dirg x Changes the G Direction Light
dirb x Changes the B Direction Light
amb Displays the Current RGB Ambient Light Values
ambr Changes the R Ambient Light
ambg Changes the G Ambient Light
ambb Changes the B Ambient Light
minpitch Controls the Cameras Min Pitch
maxpitch Controls the Cameras Max Pitch
minheight Controls the Cameras Min Height
maxheight Controls the Cameras Max Height
farfog x Farthest Distance to Draw Fog
nearfog x Nearest Distance to Draw Fog
farclip x Farthest to Draw Objects/Terrain
nearclip x Nearest to Draw Object/Terrain

Some submitted by: Shaun Cooley

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