Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash


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Vault Codes

Enter the following codes (without the quotes) to unlock the corresponding effect in the vault.

1st UFO:
Type 'Neverending'

2nd UFO:
Type 'Blockbite'

Another Wave:
Type 'Ahead'

Type 'Sparky'

Type the following sequence: '8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84'

Lenny Cube:
Type 'Lenny'

Minion Cube:
Type your username

Type 'Robotop'

Type 'Mule'

Shy Guy Cube:
Type 'Spooky'

Type 'Gandalfpotter'

2nd Vault Codes:
Enter the following codes and indicated instructions to unlock the corresponding effect. Note: These passwords will also work in Geometry Dash World.

1st Cube:
Type 'Octocube'

2nd Cube:
1st: Type 'Cod3breaker'.
2nd: Pay attention to the 6 numbers.
3rd: Subtract each number (B-A C-B D-C E-D F-E).
Last: Type 'yer result'.

3rd Cube:
Type 'Brain Power'

4th Cube:
Type 'Yer Amount of Stars'

1st: Go the 2.0 Vault.
2nd: Click until appears a text that says 'Ya made fun of Sparky...'.
3rd: Go to the 2.1 Vault and Type 'Glubfub'

Finn the Human Cube:
Type 'Seven'

Not-so Dark Green Colour:
Type 'Thechickenisonfire'

Red Colour:
Type 'Gimmiethecolor'

The Challenge:
Type 'The Challenge'

3rd Vault (Chamber of Time):
To reach the 3rd vault you must first beat 'The Challenge' in the 2nd vault (Vault of Secrets). When you accomplish this a door will become unlocked and you will be able to see a face that tells you to get 3 keys. From here you need to go to the 'Coming Soon! Page and click the dots below 'Download the Soundtrack' so that a door is revealed. Now at the secret shop which is unlocked with 500 diamonds buy the Master emblem and return to the door at the 'Coming Soon' page where you will now see a vault and a chest. If you click the chest you will be given a key to unlock the prison.

New Icon:
Enter darkness

New Icon:
Enter silence

New Icon:
Enter hunger

New Colour:
Enter river

New Wave:
Enter volcano

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