GNome - Various Cheats

GNome - Various Cheats

Submitted by Kris Mills

Various Cheats

At the Mission Computer press Ctrl F1. Now enter any of the following "Codes" CaseSensitive:

Code Effect
Redtop Trod All Single Player Missions
Half Libel Activates Teleport Key
Had a Nude On Activates Invincibility Key
Brass Clue Activates Ammo Key
Mother Mourn Us Changes Mountain on Mission 15 to Mt. Rushmore with Programmers Faces
Chaste Coed View the End Video Sequences
Rotted Drop Activates Destroy Target
Horny Elk Leer Activates All Targets on Radar Key
O'Sarge Gives Seargeant in Training Missions an Irish Accent
Swiss Throat Changes Citadel Building into 7th Level HQ
A Mere Fart ???
A Scramble On Let's You Take Screen Shots by Pressing Shift Ctrl RightClick
Range Goes Gory All Levels Etc
Dunk It Here Recording Session Outtakes
Oh No Less Japan Activates IonStrike Key Ctrl X
InGame Keys
Ctrl I Activates Invincibility
Ctrl Z Refills Ammo
Ctrl F Destroy Current Target
Ctrl B Teleport Behind Target
Ctrl P All Targets on Radar

Submitted by: LeeJarz