Grim Nights

Grim Nights


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Food Guide:
This guide will help you decide what to farm, and how many farmers to assign to
food production.

There are three main ways to produce food in Grim Nights
(you can also buy it from the trader).

Unskilled: +1 food per cycle
+1 Farming: +2 food per cycle
+2 Farming: +3 food per cycle

Unskilled: +2 food per cycle

Each bunny provides +5 food, and there is a limited number of bunnies in each
rabbit hole.

Production / Consumption:
More detailed mechanics:

Food is produced in cycles of about 30 seconds each, except for bunnies.
There are 2.5-3 cycles in a normal game hour.
Each villager consumes 1 food every two-three game hours.

Thus, a +2 farmer can feed about 15-18 villagers, while any fisher can feed 10-12,
and any unskilled farmer can feed 5-6.

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