Groove Adventure Rave: Fighting Live - Unlock Reina


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Unlock Reina

At the title screen press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A. If done correctly you will hear a voice.

Announcer Voices

Beat Free mode in a 1 on 2 with any character to unlock that character's voice as the announcer. To turn the voice on you have to go to go into options and change it there.

Unlock Story Edit Mode

Beat Story Mode using all 5 characters to unlock Story Edit Mode which lets you write and save your own story.

Unlock Poosya: Beat story mode using Elie
Unlock King: Beat story mode using Haru
Unlock Aniki: Beat story mode using Musica
Unlock Sieghart: Beat story mode with Go
Unlock Gale: Beat story mode with Shuda

Unlock Character Gallery

Complete story or free mode with a character to unlock their gallery.

Unlock 1 VS 2 in Free Mode: Beat story mode with all characters.
Unlock 1 VS 3 in Free Mode: Unlock Outlaw and Beast King.

Unlock Outlaw

After unlocking 1 VS 2 mode, select Aniki in Free Mode and set it to 1 on 2 with difficulty set to Hard. Beat it and Outlaw will be unlocked.

Unlock Beast King

Beat story mode with Haru on Hard difficulty without continuing and after round 7 King will transform into Beast. You'll team up with Gale to fight this new enemy. Beat him and you'll unlock this second form of King.

Unlock Costumes for Haru, Elie and Musica

Beat 1 VS 3 mode on Hard difficulty with either Haru, Elie, or Musica. Each time, you will unlock 2 new pieces of art in EX Options mode.

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