Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Cheat Codes

Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes
First, add the -console command-line parameter to the shortcut for your game. Open the console in-game by pressing "" tilde. You can then type any of the following cheats. Code:
god 1 God Mode On
god 0 God Mode Off
giveall 10,000 Coins, Max HP, Max Fuel
givemoney Get Money
truck Each is a Different Truck
giveguns Each is a Different Gun
map 1 Reveal Map
teleport Teleport =Location

Easy money:
Use a text editor such as notepad to edit the "currentmap.xml" file in the "bukahard truck apocalypsedataprofiles savesxxxxxxxxmaps" directory. Locate the "Money=" line and replace its value with a number of your choice.