Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - All Weapons


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All Weapons

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,up,X,A

God Mode

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,right,left,black,white

Nail Gun

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,white,white

Mega Force

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,right,right

Hitman full health

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,up,down

Toggle lethal charge

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,black,black

Equip weapons

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,up,right,right

Hitman Ali

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,left,left

Hitman Ali

During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,up,up


During Gameplay press: right,left,up,down,A,up,left

All weapons


Get Silenced Ballers

Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any mission

Get Sawed Off Shotgun

Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any 2 missions

Get M40

Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any 5 missions
Submitted by Phil

1: St Petersburg:

First, run upstairs, then walk down to the guards locker room. Sneak up on the guard and kill him behind the lockers. Take his clothes and check for the other guard, if clear, run back to lower level. Get sniper rifle and go back upstairs. Wait below top of stairs for guard to clear, and then go back into the locker room. Pick lock on door. Enter the sewers. Make way to sewer entrance behind building southeast of target building. Exit and walk on around the street to the main road entrance to square. Enter guard pattern going left, and get to building west of the target building. Once inside left door, turn right, go through doors, more doors, turn left up stairs. Go to third floor. Pick lock on front room, then go through to next room. Snipe the guy in the left window, seated near the window. You don't have to wait for her to tell you Quickly run out the doors you came in, turn down the stairs, and exit through the doors at the bottom. Walk slowly along the back of the target building and through the gates at the northeast side of the square. Go to the sewer in the alley and enter. Make your way back to the station locker room entrance and make sure the guard is clear. Then just walk on down to the platform.

Hayamoto Jr

For the Hayamoto Jr level, using the poisoned fish requires speed and stealth. Wait until the front door guards are walking towards the gate, and then walk/run to the first garage door along the front porch of the house. Enter the garage, close door, honk horn, then crouch beehind the trash can next to the door. The guard will come out. You can sneak up on him as he looks at the car. Knock him out and drag the body behind something. Take clothes, gun, and enter the house quickly. Time is of the essence her. go around through the room to your right as you enter house, then on out into the hall in front of the hall guard. Walk slowly to the next door to your right. Stick close to the wall so the front door guards don't see you. Enter that room, and head towards the back of the house. Wait for the two hall guards to finish talking, then sneak out the door when they break up. Sneak into the second door to your left. Inside there are clothes. Change and walk back out and into the kitchen turn left. Go around table and east to the room on the back of the house. Cut the fish, pick up the knife remember to put it away before you go back out, and exit, heading for the kitchen again. Place the fish and transmitter on the plate at the corner of the table and head back out the way you came in. Be careful of the hall guard. You'll need to wait until he is in front of the door, then sneak open the door, and walk to the door on your left. Continue back to the garage. Wait for front guard to go west, then sneak out and crouch by the corner of the house/patio. When the guards are aligned properly, walk/run back to the stone you start the level at. Wait for the gate guards to head back for the house, and walk through the gates.

The Meeting

On the Meeting level, dash to the dumpsters near the start point, pick up the two car bombs, walk slowly to the sewer and enter. From here you go to another sewer exit, and the car is parked on top of the hole. The second target requires that you wait in the sewer exit behind the building near the second car, and sneak up to knock out the driver while he's taking a leak. Change into his clothes, walk slowly out to the car, place bomb, and then slowly enter the sewer you can use the one next to the car, the guards won't notice. Run to your entrance sewer and walk away to victory.

Hayamoto Jr Second Level

The level after Hayamoto is hard. Stay back behind the trees and head to your left. The sniper is in the tower with the lighted windows. Always keep a tree between you and it. Make your way to the tree nearest the building. Run down the back side once the guard goes in. At the other end is a guard and your weapons crossbow. Sneak up on the guard and kill him. Drag his body behind the truck. Take his clothes. Gather weapons. Enter the sewer next to you. Wait for the guard to go into his room, then dash out into the roadway. a truck will stop that you can get in the back of. Wait in it until you're at the next sewer. Get out and go to door. Sneak past gaurd and climb sewer ladder. Once out, head right and stay against the building. Go to the back and keep one of the two trees between you and the lone guard. Get to the second tree and wait for him to start his round. Walk out left of the tree and walk behind him. Once near you'll need to sneak. As you get behind him, two trees come between you and him. Stay in sneak and keep the trees between you and him. Move up to the second tree, and wait for him to pass behind a tree. After he does, un sneak and walk to your right far just far enough to put the tree he walked behind between you and him, then walk up to the tree. Enter sneak again, and move around tree as necessary. When he makes the northwest turn on his route, unsneak and WALK slowly to your right. After a few seconds you can run. This will bring you to another sewer. I recommend a save here When the guard in the sewer ladder room turns away from the ladder you can start your descent. Once down, walk to the door, sneak open it and sneak into the room. Hide behind the boxes to your right and wait for him to enter the front room. Then walk to that door, sneak it open and sneak to your left inside, sneak the other door open, and turn right. Now you'll need to find a way past the sewer road guards to reach the next sewer ladder. Wait for the guard to get clear, and get to the ladder. Once up, just walk to the left, keeping trees between you and the sniper tower, and get next to the building. Walk along it to the exit and you're home free.

The Party

To your right at the beginning there is a waiter crying. Sneak up on him and strangle. Drag behind dumpster and change clothes. Take room key I'm still trying to figure out the room key and the champagne glasses we'll find soon. Walk in between the buildings and time it to come out behind the sentry as he passes going left. Got to the door in the wall and pick lock. Go to the garage door and enter. There will be guards, but if you walk they may shout, but that's all. Head upstairs passing two doors on your left and one on right. Enter kitchen and walk through straight. The champagne glasses are on the counter in the middle of the kitchen, but I haven't figured out how to use them yet. So go out the door to the left of the cook. Go up to the entrance. Take the bottom left door in the entryway. Go down hall and turn corner. Head down hall and check map. The target will be going back and forth between the ballroom and the room you're standing around the corner from. There is a maid inside the room. When he leaves for the ballroom, walk into room and strangle the maid, dragging her body behind the desk. Wait for the target by hiding in the corner and dropping him with a head shot when he enters again. Drag him behind something. Now check your map and watch where the white VIP goes. Follow him to the room it will be one of the front corner rooms, either up or down stairs, they all have exclamation points. Kill him with a head shot and take combination. Drag him behind something and open safe. Take breifcase. The chocolates I haven't figured out yet either Head out of the room and back out the way you came. It shouldn't be a problem.

The Meeting

If you're having trouble figuring out who you have to kill at the St.Petersbourgh stakeout what you should do is get to the building as quick as you can kill the guards out front silently. Then run up the stairs ,turn left if they are still in the room, kill the guy on the opposite side of the table. If they are running down the flight of stairs the first guy will be wearing a red leather jacket, kill the guy behind him and run as fast as you can to the train station without being killed.

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