Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - Unlock Fate of Atlantis game


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Unlock Fate of Atlantis game:
At the main menu, hold Z then press A, U, U, B, D, D, L, R, L, B.

Collect artifacts to unlock the following items:

Sudan Concept Art - Collect 2 Artifacts
Raiders of the Lost Ark movie trailer - Collect 3 Artifacts
Big Heads - Collect 6 Artifacts
Temple of Doom movie trailer - Collect 10 Artifacts
Allies Concept Art - Collect 12 Artifacts
San Francisco Concept Art - Collect 14 Artifacts
Tuxedo Indy Skin - Collect 16 Artifacts
Panama Concept Art - Collect 18 Artifacts
Extras Concept Art - Collect 20 Artifacts
Enemies Concept Art - Collect 22 Artifacts
The Last Crusade movie trailer - Collect 24 Artifacts
Nepal Concept Art - Collect 26 Artifacts
Istanbul Concept Art - Collect 28 Artifacts
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie trailer - Collect 30 Artifacts
Odin and Seabed Concept Art - Collect 32 Artifacts
Henry Jones Skin - Collect 34 Artifacts
Cutting Room Floor Concept Art - Collect 36 Artifacts
Han Solo Skin - Collect 36 Artifacts

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