Interstate '82 - Various Cheats

Interstate '82 - Various Cheats

Submitted by: CyberMan

Various Cheats

During gameplay press Esc type any of the following "Codes" and press Esc again:

Code Effect
KISS Kill Currently Targeted Vehicle SP Only
LOVE Kill All Enemies on Radar SP Only
CUDDLE Car is Invulnerable SP Only
HUGS Make Friendlies Invulnerable SP Only
CARESS Full Ammo
IMLAME Autowin Mission
SYRUP AI Vehicles Stop but can still shoot SP Only
MRFREEZE Freeze Time for all AI
NUKEME Suicide

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Shell Cheats

Create any of the following files in the root game directory:

zzautobahn.cfg Makes foreign cars selectable in multiplayer

zzairlift.cfg Modifies the Load Mission window so that you can load any mission. Requires an existing saved game to exist.

zzcreditline.cfg No cash limit in the trip missions. You can buy anything that is currently available.
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