Judge Dee: The City God Case

Judge Dee: The City God Case


Total votes: 88

Enlightened magistrate (Bronze)
Objective: The most hidden truths always come out in the open!

Gallant investigator (Bronze)
Objective: Offering a flower... is a poem per se.

Imperial prosecutor (Bronze)
Objective: A judge must sometimes be harsh to bring out the truth.

Information expert (Bronze)
Objective: Collecting written evidence to reconstruct a story is certainly a good thing...

Poison expert (Bronze)
Objective: Your mastery of the medical arts has helped you to immediately identify this poison!

Psychology expert (Bronze)
Objective: You interrogate with finesse and get valuable information.

Secret passages expert (Bronze)
Objective: A small mouse has helped you to solve a great mystery...

Wise investigator (Bronze)
Objective: Even during tragic moments, a systematic search is sometimes necessary...

Crafty magistrate (Bronze)
Objective: A little bit of cunning can sometimes make it unnecessary to use force...

Generous magistrate (Silver)
Objective: Is it not said that to be generous is to be great?

Handicraft expert (Silver)
Objective: An imperial judge can also be good with his hands!

Imperial doctor (Silver)
Objective: Your reputation as a healer will soon reach the imperial court...

Interrogation expert (Silver)
Objective: You interrogate systematically... Everyone gives you information!

Master of secrets (Silver)
Objective: You have discovered another hidden room... Now you must find out its secret!

Master of truth (Silver)
Objective: Truth can be strange at times... Men's motives also...

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