King of Fighters '95 - Move List


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Move List

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Autoplay Mode

Press B prior to selecting single or team play mode. Then press A to start the game with both fighters under CPU control.

Fight Against Nakoruru

Complete the game under the hard difficulty level. Nakoruru will appear after the credits are complete.

Fight as Nakoruru

At the Takara logo press Select20x.

Fight as Saisyu and Rugal

At the Takara logo press Select Select Select.

Same Character Match

At the Takara logo hold A B and press Select.

Random Character

At the Character Selection screen press Start A B.

Slow Motion Mode

Pause gameplay and resume by pressing Select.

Unlimited Super Meter

Note: This code only works when the game is played on a Super Game Boy adapter. Press Select25 at the Takara logo.

All Characters

At the Takara Logo press Select25x.

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