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Shop Around

This hint is verified for single player only. During a campaign, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your equipment for your leaders and officers. Usually one or two of the items are of better than average quality, but you will have to look through each person's list including your force's list of stuff available.

If you see nothing you like, reload your game hopefully, you saved first before hitting the shop. Side note: be sure to make a second save as well, since adjusting your leader's skill points will prompt the Xbox to auto-save on the last slot you saved your file -- this way you have a back-up file to go back on.

When you reload the game, the items in the shop randomises its items available again, and you may find a damn good weapon to buy and equip if you happen to be lucky.

Unwanted Skills

Many times, you may be tempted to delete skills from your officer or leader. If you want to delete a skill but cannot, simply switch the leader's troop job to any infantry job all units require melee, so that is one skill you cannot delete and delete the non-pertinent skills from that leader.

Note that you will not be refunded the XP for deleted skills, so have a back-up save ready for times when your trigger finger slips.


To unlock the mini-game "Risky Raiders" beat the game with Regnier. This mini-game is similar to "Choplifter", whereby you fly a wyvern into a human prison camp to rescue your Orc buddies.

To unlock the mini-game "County Carnival" beat the game with Kendal. This mini-game is an over the shoulder gallery shooter where you pop Orcs and wyverns for points.

Elemental Attacks

There are several elemental attacks from weapons you can exploit against enemies. Each race has different vulnerabilities you can view when you play them in the campaign.
Ice attacks fair well against unarmored enemies orcs, humans and will freeze them into immobility.
Lightning attacks do well against metal clad enemies and spearmen or axemen. Poison attacks fair well against Elves or Vells and do stack damage. Curse attacks reduce the defence and offence of the enemy to near zero, but do no damage.
Fire attacks are the best to use in general, since burning enemies cannot attack, and the fire damage can be stacked.
When playing Gerald, Lucretia, or Kendal, try to buy an elemental weapon at the first opportunity. Regnier will not be able to buy any elemental weapons since he can imbue his weapon with fire by expending some SP hold the B button in battle to toggle this power.

Experience Bonus

There is a mission in Gerald's mission Easy where you are first learning to set things on fire with archers. It starts off with you and Hugh fighting Regnier head on. Then Hugh orders you to retreat to protect the king. Run for the king with the your infantry but leave your archers behind and shoot Regnier unit. Just run to the king, dont' head to the highlighted area until Regniers unit is defeated. Believe it or not, Hugh's 10 level troop can hold its own against Regniers 50th level one with your archers firing into the melee. It takes a while but your archers will kill Regnier's unit and Hugh will be standing around doing nothing. Run those archers back to the king and then proceed with your troops to the retreat point with the king. The experience gain for that single mission should allow you some lee-way in playing around with Gerald's units.

Note: the maximum XP any unit may earn in a mission is still 7000, so whether you kill Regnier or not doesn't matter -- you will only gain 7000 XP from your archers.

Officer Level Glitch

Higher level equipment usually yields better resistances, skills, and added effects. You can exploit the game's method of determining a officer's level by increasing the number of "pertinent" skills by changing the officer/leader's troop job into a job that has multiple skills. The sum of those skills will determine your leader's level. Once you assign that leader as an officer to your leader's unit, the officer retains his or her level, despite being in an infantry unit i.e., the units under Gerald, Lucretia, Kendal, or Regnier.

Keep in mind that any high level equipment will be de-equipped if the leader's level suddenly drops because of a troop job change hence the game message. This hint is more applicable for Kendal and Regnier, as their campaigns allow you to freely assign other troop leaders as personal officers.

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