Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland - Extra Mode and Meta Knight Mode


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Extra Mode and Meta Knight Mode

To unlock Extra Mode beat the game with 100.
To unlock Meta Knight Mode Beat Extra Mode with 100.

Free special candy

For free special candy, press a,b,b,a.

Unlocking secrets

To play the 8 bosses, takin' out one at a time,you must FIRST defeat King DeDeDe, the nightmare orb, and the dude that look curiously like Nightmare Enterprises from his Silhouetted form in the show. it will be then unlocked.

If ya' wanna' play the game as an EXTRA challenge ya' only get 3 life points, ya' wanna' beat King DeDeDe, the nightmare orb, and the dude that looks curiously like nightmare enterprises from the show, AND get 100 on the game. It will be then unlocked.

And last, but definitely not least, if ya' wanna' play as Meta Nightmare, ya' must first defeat King DeDeDe, the nightmare orb, the dude that looks curiously like nightmare enterprises from the show, get 100 on the game, and defeat extra mode with or without 100 on the game. It should then be unlocked. Meta Knight has his own set of moves:
B=sword slash
B/= upper slash
/B=sword slide
jumpingB=sword spin
/= duck
u kant save in Meta Nite mode

New Sub Game

You can get a new Sub Game when you beet the game once. The sub game is called "Boss Endurance". What you have to do is pretty much beat all the bosses without any maxim hearts or 1 ups Good luck

Secret Powers

When you defeat mini-bosses like Pk.Tiger suck them in and you'll get their power.Here is a list of powers you can get:

Giant Bomber:Crash Kirby
Big Bug: Backdrop Kirby
Elephant: Throw Kirby
Tick-Tock Clock:Mike Kirby
Icer:Freeze Kirby
=1-time only
=3-times only

Strategy 4 u stage 1 to get started

This a good yet kinda short game.

Open Door: A when in front of a door or star
Jump: A
Float: A in Midair
Suck in: B
Swallow: Down on move pad when enemy is in your mouth
Move: Left or Right on move pad
Use enemy Power: B after you swallow an enemy with a speical power

Level 1, Vegetable Valley:

First you'll crash down. Press A to go in the door to your right. you'll be in a new place or called a stage Then skip the baddiesor get powers for later onand go throgh the at star portal the end. Then you skip or get enemy powers and float over the stairs.ther's a fly in a thing down below i've never gotten it Then float over the waterfall and go through the star portal. Skip the baddies an grap the maximum tomatoif you're hurt and go through the final star portal.Now when you fall down and the platform thing starts to sink, press A the pionts you earn are in this order bottem to top.

7: nothing
6: 600 i think
5: 800
4: 2000 maybe
3: 3000
2: 5000
1: extra life


Candy: gives you temporary invincibility

Hard to find, open new areas, jump on them

Doors and Star portals:
get in to get to another place

Baddies: try to hurt you.

Bosses: big Baddies that try to hurt you

Tons of Lives

If you unlocked the 7th level Rainbow Resort then go to the 2nd stage of it. You will see a normal doorway but all the way on top there is a cage. Go inside that cage and beat all the bosses that you face until you stumble into a room with 5 1ups. repeat this everytime you lose a life.

NOTEBosses are the same as the one in the normal doorway.

Beat Mr. Bright and Shine easily

If you want to beat Mr. Bright and Shine easily then either get the fire, ice, spark, tornado, or cutter technique. You could get both the cutter and fire technique in the same level. To get fire, suck up the stars that come out of Mr. BrightsSunlaser beam when he is on top. To get cutter, same thing except the stars will fall from the sky.

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