Kirby's Air Ride - Unlock MetaKnight and King Dedede


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Unlock Meta-Knight and King Dedede

Unlocking Meta-Knight and King Dedede in Air Ride mode does not make them available in City Trial mode. They must be earned separately in each mode.

Unlock King Dedede in City Trial

Fight King Dedede in event stage 24

Unlock King Dedede in Air Ride

Kill 1000 enemies

Unlock Meta-Knight

Spend thirty minutes total in the air

Unlock Air Machines in Air Ride Mode

Slick Star Air Ride - Checker Knights - Finish 2 laps in under 3:05:00
Winged Star: Air Ride - Finish in 1st place while flying through the air
Swerve Star: Air Ride - Sky Sands - Finish 2 laps in under 2:05:00
Wheelie Scooter: Air Ride - Start the final lap in 4th place and move to 1st to win
Wagon Star: In any mode other than Free Run, reach the goal a total of 3 times
Wheelie Bike: Race all of the standard Air Ride courses

Unlock Characters and Modes in Top Ride Mode

Light Music: Finish LIGHT in under 00:33:00 in Time Attack Mode
Sand Music: Finish SAND in under 00:29:00 in Time Attack Mode
Grass Sound Test: Take 1st place in GRASS without using any items
Metal Music: Take 1st place in METAL without using boost
Sand Sound Test: Take 1st place in SAND without using boost

Diagonal Camera Angle Extra Rule

Take 1st place on all courses

Unlock Dragoon Machine in Free Run

Assemble all three parts of the Dragoon.
Dragoon Part A: Jump over 1000 feet in High Jump
Dragoon Part B: During 1 City Trial match, fly through 5 rings in the sky
Dragoon Part C: Fly over 1300 feet in Air Glider

Unlock New Characters and a New Stage

White Kirby in Top Ride Mode: Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than 2nd in any course
Green Kirby in Top Ride Mode: Cross the goal 20 or more times
Brown Kirby in Top Ride Mode: Take 1st place in SKY when the CPU is set to level 5
Meta-knight in City Trial: Break 1000 boxes total
White Kirby in City Trial: Assemble both the Dragon and Hydra vehicles in one match
Purple Kirby in City Trial: Break an enemy's vehicle five times total
Green Kirby in City Trial: Defeat an enemy ten times total with the cannon
Brown Kirby in City Trial: Use the Wing Star and finish Zeroyon Attack 2 in under 00'29"00
Galax in Air Ride: Complete 100 total laps on any stage
Purple Kirby in Air Ride: On Airoon, finish a two-lap race in under 2'18"00
Green Kirby in Air Ride: On any race, inhale three Swordknights and finish in first place
Brown Kirby in Air Ride: On Sandoola with the Heavy Star, get a lap time under 1'05"00
White Kirby in Air Ride: On Vallerion, finish a two-lap race in under 2'20"00

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