Microsoft Plans To Sell Downloadable Full Games

Games for Windows Live general manager Chris Early confirmed that Microsoft will utilize the GFW platform to distribute Full PC games in the near future.

Microsoft has already released an update for GFW that improved its interface. Another update, to be released within three weeks, will add support for video, demos and DLC downloads through a marketplace application.

Microsoft's new distribution business will be in direct competition with Valve's Steam distribution system. Steam doesn't allow developers to charge for DLC, and Microsoft hopes to exploit that by offering exclusive priced DLCs through GFW. Games such as Fallout 3 can be available on both Steam and GFW, but if the developer wishes to make money off DLCs, he'll have to offer them through GFW.

Microsoft didn't decide yet whether they'll develop their own DRM system. "When we get to the place where we do distribute games digitally, will we have a digital rights management system? Maybe," Chris Early said. "Or maybe we'll just continue to support the industry leaders in that. Because it is a hard thing to do."

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