Klax - Furd Herder MiniGame


Total votes: 13

Furd Herder MiniGame

Password: Green Alien Green Alien Square Green Alien

Snake MiniGame

Password: Circle Diamond Square Green Alien

View Klax History

Password: Yellow Alien Pillar Pillar Green Alien

View Klax Myth

Password: Square Pillar Diamond Green Alien

View Programmers

Password: Green Alien Green Alien Circle Square

View Credits

Password: Pillar Yellow Alien Diamond Diamond

Alernate Mode European Version

Password: Square Yellow Alien Green Alien Yellow Alien

Level Passwords

6 Circle Yellow Alien Square Yellow Alien
11 Yellow Alien Yellow Alien Square Green Alien
16 Diamond Yellow Alien Green Alien Diamond
21 Diamond Square Diamond Green Alien
26 Pillar Yellow Alien Square Pillar
31 Green Alien Circle Pillar Pillar
36 Circle Circle Yellow Alien Yellow Alien
41 Pillar Diamond Diamond Circle
46 Yellow Alien Diamond Circle Pillar
51 Square Diamond Yellow Alien Square
56 Pillar Square Square Yellow Alien
61 Circle Square Circle Green Alien
66 Circle Diamond Diamond Green Alien
71 Circle Square Square Pillar
76 Green Alien Green Alien Yellow Alien Circle
81 Pillar Circle Circle Pillar
86 Square Green Alien Diamond Circle
91 Yellow Alien Green Alien Circle Diamond
96 Pillar Pillar Green Alien Square

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