Lethal Skies: Elite Pilot - Team SW - Alaska Deep Strike quotSquot rank


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Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Press R3 Button to Complete Mission 0EB423B8 BCA99A7E
Unlock X-16S DEB9701A BCA99B84
Unlock F-15E DEB97022 BCA99B84
Unlock F-22 DEB9702E BCA99B84
Unlock F-25 DEB9702A BCA99B84
Unlock YF-23 DEB97036 BCA99B84
Unlock EF2000 DEB97032 BCA99B84
Unlock JAS39 DEB9703E BCA99B84
Unlock MIG29 DEB9703A BCA99B84
Unlock Su27K DEB970C6 BCA99B84
Unlock S37 DEB970CE BCA99B84

Alaska, Deep Strike: "S" rank:
Get a jet with a good FCS and equip only air to ground missiles. Fly through the canyon without destroying anything until you get to the enemy lab. Once there, destroy only the lab. If you make it in under three minutes, you will get an "S" rank for the mission.

Easy Aircraft Carrier Destroyed:
To destroy the aircraft carrier easy on the mission "Shadow of LEVIATHEN", simply equip your plane with 2 AGM88 Harm missle's. Then the aircraft carrier will be destroyed. This can be likely to be your first target.

Free Flight Mode Missions:
Get an 'S' rank on a mission to unlock it in free flight mode.

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