LocoRoco - Developer Secrets


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Developer Secrets
From the World Map, select a level so you are on the "Start? Yes / No" message. Hold L & R and input the following codes:

Password - Effect
STARSLOCOROCO - Gives you 10,000 coins
ALLCOLORSLOCOROCO - Gives you all the Muimui
SLACRLOCOROCO - Open all stages

Unlimited flies:
First of all go into any game you have or start a new game. then go into options and pick "play demo's" and pick the demo on the right find as many of the flies as you can. Repeat as many times as desired.

Idle sequence:
While playing, split all of the Rocos apart in a safe place or at a place where they will not fall. After awhile they will start to play with each other, "dogpile" the person singing the chorus, or line up in a line and count to the number of Rocos you have in Japanese.

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