Lords of Football


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Any given Sunday - Give at least one command in all matches in a season
Bank Holiday - During a day phase, none of your players are at the training ground
Break the ice - Win your first official match
Doblete - Win the Spanish Premier Division and the Spanish National Cup in the same season
Domestic Cup - Win a domestic Cup
Domestic League - Win a domestic league
Doppietta - Win the Italian Premier Division and the Italian National Cup in the same season
Double - Win the English Premier Division and the English National Cup in the same season
Doubler - Win the French Premier Division and the French National Cup in the same season
Epic comeback - Win a match after being 2 or more goals down
Epic run - Win 10 league matches in succession
I can stop when I want - Treat your player's addictions
Lord of attack - Your team has scored the most goals at the end of a season
Lord of defence - Your team has conceded the least goals at the end of a season
Lord of Football - Win the European Cup
On the pitch - Create your team
President Man - Complete the first level of each president's challenge
Promotion - Get promoted to the Premier Division
Run - Win 3 league matches in succession
Unbeatable - Finish a league unbeaten without losing any match
Verdoppeln - Win the German Premier Division and the German National Cup in the same season
Vice City - Have all the players addicted to a vice

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