Lost in Blue - Play as Heroine

Lost in Blue - Play as Heroine
Play as Heroine:
Once you beat the game, you will be able to play the game over as Skye.

Unlimited Spices:
This cheat allows you to use a spice even if you don't have it. To do this you need at least one type of spice. On the spice selection screen use the D-Pad and highlight the spice you need that you're out of. Then using the stylus/touch screen highlight a spice you do have, then press A. If done correctly the spice you want to use that your out of will go from 0 to -1 and appear in the box of spices being used on the top screen.

Challenge mode:
Successfully complete the game with Skye to unlock Challenge mode.

Two traps for the price of one:
Use this trick to get both the fish trap and small trap without wasting items. After getting the necessary materials basket and twig, make a small trap. Place it at either of the areas used to drink from the river. Place it near the middle. Go onto the grass and walk towards it, and do not stop before pressing A. As soon as the thought bubble saying small trap appears, press A. You should be using the fish trap. If you would rather use it as a small trap, go up to it, press A, and use it normally.

Food dupe trick:
When playing as the Hero: When you give the female character a food item to cook, make sure the item you want to dupe is in the last slot. Give her the item and with the stylus continue to press the item immediatley next to it repeatdly. It will give the item as long as you tap it. If you open her inventory after the trick is done by pressing X it will undo the trick.

Conserve Energy:
To conserve energy just tap B repetitively and you will run in small bursts, moving faster than walking and without using up as much energy as outright running.

Radio Escape Ending:
If you tune to frequency 6.75 you can contact the Ocean Disaster Rescue Team. When asked what island you two love birds are on, choose the first answer Kauia and a rescue boat will appear up to four days later.

Find Hidden Items On Beach:
Have one character's backpack full with items you are willing to throw away. The pack thus filled, walk around on the beach and hit the A button to search the ground. If there is no hidden item, the character will just bend down and search the ground, but if there is an item, the character will say something about the knapsack being full. When this happens, go into your backpack and get rid of an item, exit the backpack menu, and then tap the screen to dig in the sand. You'll find hidden items easily using this method.

Transmission Code:
To escape the island using the transmitter, tune into the frequency 024.21.

Effortless Mountain Climb:
Locate and take at least two of the yellow mushrooms at the start of the mountain pass before attempting to scale the peak. These mushrooms bestow infinite strength for a short while and pretty much allows your character to navigate the mountain quickly.

Escape with raft:
If you want to try to escape the island with the raft you must do the following things: approach the raft and realize that is useable; find the flare from the enemy's hideout; and ake Skye along with you. On your way home you will see a ship. If you did not get the flare it will not see you and go away. You and Skye will then starve to death.

Duplicating traps:
Make the selected trap of your choice large trap or small trap. When you are ready to place it, select your inventory and quickly press A. You will see the Keith bend over and check the ground. Then, select the trap and "use" it. Keith will bend over and you will hear the "picking up" sound. When you look in your inventory, the trap will be in the last slot. Leave the area and return. If done correctly, there should be a trap.

Duplicating items:
Go to Skye and select the "Lets eat now" option. Then, use your stylus to select the second item in your bag. Then, quickly switch to the first item and keep selecting it. Eventually the last item in your bag will keep selecting itself, and will stop at random