Madden NFL 2002 - Unlock Houston Texans

Madden NFL 2002 - Unlock Houston Texans

Unlock Houston Texans

To activate the Houston Texans, go to Franchise mode, and use the expansion draft. After one season the Houston Texans will be accessible

Unlimited Attributes

Unlimited Attributes- first you create a player and then when you are done you go back to rosters screen and go over until you see edit player, then click on it and find your player and then you click on him and pick attributes, the result is you will now be able to have unlimited creation points.

How to get ball when kicking off?

Kick ball as high as it can go, and all the way to the left. You should get the ball 8 out of 10 times.

Play with Walter Payton

At the menu screen, go to Edit, and select make a player screen. Name the Player Walter as the first name, Payton84 as the last name. You must put exactly Walter Payton84, just like that. Now, go to exhibition game, and choose the 2002 Chicago Bears. During the game, substitute your running back, and you will have Walter Payton

Major oldies

When on the team selection page, push R1L1oL2R2. then when you scroll down on the team list you will get teams from the 1910-1935. The players are in black and white, and there helmets are the really old kind.

Super Players

Go to the "edit player" option under rosters. Next, click on it and choose the player you want to edit and move the cursor over to where it is under "spd," and push x twice. When you do this you can put all the players abilities of all kinds up to their highest settings, which would be "99."