Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - Unlock Cheep Cheep Falls

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - Unlock Cheep Cheep Falls

Unlock Cheep Cheep Falls

Use Tournament Mode and win the Lakitu Cup

Unlock Shifting Sands

Use Tournament Mode and win the Cheep Cheep Torney

Unlock Blooper Bay

Use Tournament Mode and win the Sands Classic

Unlock Peach's Castle Grounds

Use Tournament Mode and win the Blooper Open

Unlock Bowser Badlands

Use Tournament Mode and win the Peach's Invitational

Special Contests

At the main title screen hold the Z button and press start. There should now be a selection called "Special Contests" From there you can do a hole in one challenge, as well as password imput.

Target Tour Tournament: At the "Special Contests" section type the code CEUFPXJ1.

Hollywood Video Tour: At the "Special Contests" section type the code BJGQBULZ.

How to unlock star tournament

Beat all the tournaments, and get all of the trophies make sure to win first place in all of them. After you get beat the final tournament bowser championship, it will tell you that you have unlocked the star tournament which is basically hard mode.

Unlock Boo Character

Hello anybody wondering one of the secret characters is Boo and he is ready to play so get 50 Birdie Badges And it Will say new Character Unlocked

Super Topspin/Backspin

In order to do a super topspin preform a manual shot and hit ab at the end instead of aa. The same thing is done for the super backspin except you hit ba.

Unlock Baby Bowser

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour you can unlock the prince of darkness, yes Baby Bowser. To do so, simply complete the ring shot w/ any golfer, personally, I used Pete the Pirranah

Star characters

To get Star characters in 1p mode go to character match then when choosing the cp character pick the one with a envelope beside them beat him/her/it and you have unlocked that star character now when choosing YOUR character press R

Taunt Players

On multiplayer use the C-Stick while not your turn to taunt other players

Use Tournament Mode and win the Sands Classic

How to get shadow mario and petey piranha

To get shadow mario beat all of the the ring challenges for a charachter.Ive done it with yoshi.

to get petey piranha beat all of the side games except the birdie one.

Perfect Power Swing

Fans of using Manual swing this code is not for you. If your fond of using auto swing then this code is very effective. Easly watch the small arrow below the number marking at the bottom of your screen. Take the meter clear to Mario's Hands and hit A quickly and make sure that you hit B before you do any of that to make sure that the red golf ball is by your meter that says POWER and hit A again then if you here the smack of Mario's Hands The Perfect NICE SHOT Will occur.

Unlock All Tournaments Easy

This Cheat is very simple Go into Tournament with any Character and Choose Lakitu Cup.
Complete all 18 Holes In first place and Cheep Cheep Tournament will be unlocked. Do the same thing here but remember you must be placed in first to unlock these levels.Sand Classics will be unlocked after Cheep Cheep Tournament is completed go on there are only four tournaments total. It should take the regular Mario or golf fan that long.