Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - Flower Cup

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - Flower Cup
Flower Cup:
Complete the Mushroom Cup, which is initially available.

Rainbow Cup:
Complete the Star Cup.

Star Cup:
Complete the Flower Cup.

Third Dribble Race:
Beat the Peach Castle - 45s and Sunshine Road -55s records to unlock Rainbow Road.

Unlock Bowser:
Complete the Star Cup. In order to unlock any of these characters, which you can later use on your team, perform the task specified after its name.

Unlock Alternate Costumes:
To select an alternate costume, hold a direction of the control pad when you drag the player onto the ring. Different directions indicate different costumes.

Flyguy's costume - Finish Hard Star Cup silver prize
White Mage's costume - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup gold prize
Daisy's costume - Finish Flower Cup silver prize
Yoshi's costume - Finish Hard Flower Cup silver prize
Ninja's colors - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup silver prize
Peach's costume - Finish Mushroom Cup silver prize