Mech Assault - How to unlock Ragnarok for Multi Player Mode


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How to unlock Ragnarok for Multi Player Mode

Finish the game one time to unlock him for local play in multi player

Get New Mechs

To get new mechs all you have to do is beat game on campaign mode. More mechs are as follows...

Easy:2 new mechs.
Medium:1 more new mech.
Hard:1 more new mech.
Difficult:2 more mechs.

Get Ymir

You get Ymir the same way as getting Ragnarok,by beating the entire game. Ymir has different weapon choices that some may prefer in battle.

Getting the 'Raven' and 'Corvus'

To get these two awesome mechs you must have XBOX LIVE. Even if you have regular online playing, u cant get it. When u just start up Mech Assault, select the download content sign. it takes about 2-5 minutes 2 download.

Tips for beating Ragnarok

Ok this is just a few tips for the guys that are stuck on beating Ragnarok

1. BE PROMETHEOUS He's the heaviest heavy mech u have at this point.

2. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE that lava gun kills almost half your energy at close range so try to stay far away and launch long range attacks.

3. BE SURE YOU GOT UPGRADES its almost impossible to beat him with no upgrades.

4. TIME ALL OF YOUR ATTACKS That shield gets really frustrating when it absorbs your last upgraded attack, so time your attacks carefully.

5. USE THE FIELD AGAINST HIM There are some buildings like mining wells that give off a blast when you knock them down. If you can get Ragnarok next to one when it blows he'll practically die.

6. IF YOU DIE JUST KEEP TRYING I got killed a bunch of times battling him, just keep trying.

Beat "Size Matters" Easily

If you've made it to Size Maters, the second part, you know that at the end, there are about 9 or 10 mechs. If you try to fight them, kill the one in the middle so that it kills the others in the explosion. If you want to beat the mission, run past them to the mansion. Put a chaff on it to attract the missiles, the start shooting. Try to get other mechs by it so it hurts them when it falls. Otherwise, choose to make the helicopters crash on the mechs. Hopefully you make it.

Instant Enemy Deaths

This code instantly destroys your enemy, as long as they are in the right place. Wht you do is:

1. Make sure that your enemy is under, or RIGHT, IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO a bridge, or a building.
2.Use your weapons, cycling thruogh them, to shoot, bomb, or just DESTROY the bridge/building.
3.If your enemy was under or close enough to the now blown-up structure, than the enemy mech will blow up, and be dead.
This works for YOU, too. If you are on/near/under the structure when it is destroyed, you will be... gone.
If you are in multiplayer Grinder, this works, also.
You can also weaken bridges beforehand, too. If you shoot the bridge enough, it will smoke, first at the far end, then middle, then close to you. Once it does this, a couple of shots will blow it

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