Mech Commander - Various Cheats


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Submitted by Victor D. "Wolverine"

Various Cheats

First create a new file called buymechcommander.2 in the folder where you installed the game. Then during gameplay enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
osmiu God Mode
lorrie Replenish Ammo
mineeyeshaveseentheglory Reveal Map
Lordbunny Unlimited Artillery press B Left Click on Target to Destroy it
poundofflesh More Money
rockandrollpeople Unlimited Dropweight
glennrocksthehouse Increase Probability of Salvage

Submitted by: The Invisible Man

More Various Cheats

First make a copy of the file which is in your install folder. Now reh3 that copy to ixtlriimceourl. Type any of the following cheats:

Code Effect
During the Logistics Phase
poundofflesh Adds 1000000 Resource Points
rockandrollpeople Removes Drop Weight Limit on Current Mission
During Gameplay
Ctrl Alt W Jumps to Mission Successful Screen
osmium Makes Your Mechs and Vehicles Invincible
lorrie Repairs Damaged Armor/Weapons
lordbunny Unlimited Instantaneous Artillery Strikers. Press B and LeftClick to Nuke the Target
mineeyeshaveseentheglory Reveals the Entire Map
deadeye Max Gunnery Skill and All Mechwarriors
framegraph Shows FPS

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