Mega Man Battle network 2 - Easy Money

Mega Man Battle network 2 - Easy Money

Easy Money

This is a very fast way to get money. You must have: 1.Untrap Subchips bought in Undersquare 2. Acces to Undernet 5 areaBy some Untrap subchips and go to Undernet 5.Go up to a green mystery data and save. Access the mystery data and you will usually get 100 zenny. But if you are lucky, you will get a whopping 50000 zenny. If you got 100 zenny instead of 50000, turn the game off and then on and try again. This can be done with 3 green mystery datas for a total of 150000 zenny.

NOTE:This may take a couple tries with each green mystery data, so just be patient.

NOTE:Remember to use 1 Untrap Subchip for every time you jack in.

The 4 Bombs

The first one is on a rock bridge next to the dam entrance. The next one is in the canteen next to the backpack. The third one is where you got the Binox. Camper Dave has the last one.note you must have disabled three bombs to get into the last one where QuickMan lurks. Good Luck

How to acquire Elecball, Heatball and Aquaball and Little Clouds chips

Elecball can be found in the goddess statue in the Net Castle located in Netopia.

The Heatball is in Undernet 7. To get to the Undernet, you need to defeat Madame Millionaire and her cowardly Navi, Snakeman. If you're directly in front of Snakeman he will suck back into his hole to avoid being shot, so stand off to the side in order to hit him.

Aquaball can be obtained at the big computer screen upstairs in the conference room. NOT to be mistaken for your Dad's computer.

To get and equip five Little Clouds chips, jack into the refrigerator in your hotel room and battle the Little Clouds.

How to beat QuickManv2

To beat QuickManv2 you have a raise level of 60 or more, use 6 powerups. have a power of 3 sticks, charge sticks of 3 more and have a megaman of elecguts or woodguts but the problem he is fast and he blocks when you shoot but i have the solution. Use the navi chip of gutsmanv2 or Rollv3.

Power-Up, Double and Quadruple Damage

For a free power-up, use the wood attack where you throw a seed that becomes a row of high spikes. Than use a water attack like bubble on the seed. You'll get a power-up. for double damage, use a water attack on a fire virus, electric on water, water on fire, and wood on electric. Also, if a virus is standing on grass hit it with a fire attack for double damage. To do Quad damage hit a wood enemy on grass with a fire attack.

Bass Deluxe Real Bass V2

This incredibly powerful version of Bass is found in WWW area 3I couldn't get him to appear until I deleted every other Navi with a rating of S. He remains with a steady 2000 hp'sthe same as Real Bass V1 but has a life aura 2protection from any attack under 150 that regenerates so fast you literally only have time for 1 attack. He also comes with beefed up attacks. I have made a list of them hereyes, I named them myself.

1.Electric Shot: fires 1 electric energy ball forward across 1 row. Damage:100

2.Electric Multi-burst: fires numerous electric energy balls across each row. Extremely hard to dodge. Damage:200 per hit.

3.Electric Trap Burst: Electric enrgy balls appear on random squares on your side of the arena multiple times and damage anyone on the square by exploding. Extremely hard to dodge. Rarely used. Damage:200 per hit.

4.Traveling Electric Shot: 1 electric energy ball appears in your side of the arena and travels up and down each row several times. Tricky to dodge. Rarely used. Damage:200 per hit.

5.Slash: Bass leaps into your arena ProtoMan style and slashes at you with his sharp claws, damaging you and destroying each square 1 space above and below youif he misses he'll destroy the square you were standing on too.Sometimes used instead of Electric Multi-Burst after going below 1000 hp.He moves much more quickly just before using this attack. Damage:300.

The best I've ever done against him was a busting level of 5, and all I got was another Bass V1 chipwhich you get right after beating Real Bass V1 anyway. I'd have to guess that you need a rating of 8 or 9 for the V2 chip and 10 or S for the V3 chip.

The WWW net Navis V2 and V3

Pharoe Man: WWW area 1

NapalMan: WWW area 2

Planet Man: WWW area 3

Note: to fight NapalMan V1 past the energy door in WWW area 2 you must defeat every Navi but NapalMan, Planet Man, and Real Bass at V3 with a busting level of S. I'll make another postif all these hints I've submitted aboutthis game ever get posted when I find Real Bass V2 and V3.

Find V2 and V3 Boss Navis on the Net

Air Man: Den area 1

Quick Man: Koto area

Cut Man: Yumland area 2

Shadow Man: Anyone know?? I can't find him

Knight Man: Netopia area 1

Magnet Man: Undernet area 2Need to be able to break yellow ice before beating Freeze Man V1

Freeze Man: Undernet area 7S liscence required

V2 Navis show up at specific points in the area, but V3 Navis appear at random throughout the area. I'll post info. on the Bosses of the WWW net when I know them all and find them.

Reach the WWW net

Everyone know that door in Undernet area 4 that requires the "Star ID" to passif you don't, it's right on the path to Undernet area 5, so you can't miss it? The strange red portal behind it leads to the WWW net. To get the "Star ID", you must beat the game or that "Supervirus" called Gospel at least with at least 130 chips in your library. The "Star ID" appears as a star icon next tothe word continue on the main screen. When you return with it, the door will already be gone. WARNING: there are incredibly powerful viruses in the WWW net, including some with the life aura, Boss type virusesI've met up with one, Pharoe Man, andif the rumors I read on the Undernet board are true a more powerful version of Bassthe "Supernavi" who also has a more powerful life aura Only the strong and braveor incredibly stupid need enter

Some Advances

Zeta Cannon 1: Cannons A,B,and C, or B,C, and D, or C,D,and E

Zeta Cannon 2: Hi Cannons C,D,and E, or D,E, and F, or E,F,and G

Ultra Bomb: Lil bomb, Cross Bomb, and Big Bomb O, Q, or T

Life Sword: Sword, Wide Sword, and Long Sword A, L, or Y

Punch: Gut Punch,Cold Punch, and Dash Atk B or D

Time Bomb: Time Bombs1,2, and 3 G,K,or Z

More Advances

Zeta Cannon 3: M-Cannon E,F,and G, F,G,and H, or G,H,and I.

H-Burst: Spreader M,N,and O, N,O,and P, or O,P,and Q.

Zeta Ratton 1: Ratton 1 H,I,and J, I,J,and K, or J,K,and L.

Zeta Ratton 2: Ratton 2 J,K,and L, K,L,and M, or L,M,and N.

Zeta Ratton 3: Ratton 3 L,M,and N, M,N,and O, or N,O,and P.

Curse: 3 Curse Shield A's,O's,or P's.

2xHero: Custom Sword B, Var Sword B, and ProtoMan V1,V2,or V3 B.

Shadow Man V2 and V3

Shadow Man is in Undernet area 5, but to find his V2 formwhich will only showup at a specific spot you must go through Undernet area 6 andtake the portal in the lower area to an alternate entrance to area 5. He is on the big white platform Numberman once stayed on to sell chipsbefore defeating the "Supervirus" called Gospel. His V3 form can appear at random anywhere in Undernet area 5.


AirMan - AirMan will try to defeat you first by releasing tornados. Weave through the trio of of blue tornados and avoid the glowing yellow squares on the grid - a tornado will originate there and travel in a straight line across the board.

QuickMan - QuickMan has very quick reflexes that enables him to deflect almost any attack you send his way. He's most vulnerable when he's zipping from one square to another square, so make smart attacks Roll and Time Bomb work the best when he's on the move.

Cutman - Cutman has 600 HP and his weapons are tossing blas, Bommerang scissors that go three squares before returning. To seek shelter from the boomerang, use the PanGrab on the top and Bottom rows so you can prevent CutMan from attacking you.

ShadowMan - The first thing you'll notice is that the grass covers the entire grid, but use it to your advantage by starting out with a Spice attack, which hurt any enemy on the grass. When ShadowMan clones himself attack the ShadowMan with the HP display, that the real ShadowMan.

ProtoMan - ProtoMan is swift on defense maneuvers, and he'll be able to fend off most of your attacks that affect large areas such as the Remobit, Satellite and GutsMan.

KnightMan - Stand in the same row as KnightMan so he throws a his spiked ball at you. He'll turn purple when he throws it, so go on the attack. Do this many times, the dodge the rocks he drops on you. Create holes on his side and use the Geyser to attack.