Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun - Number Man Trader Codes


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Number Man Trader Codes

Enter these codes at the NumberMan trader to get these items:

77038416: AirHockey 3 V
19095677: ColorPoint
46292983: FlameLine 1 G
57604335: FlameLine 3 J
59891137: FullEnergy
84625799: FullEnergy
74293099: GunDelSol EX G
27979609: LockEnemy
37198940: LockEnemy
16589650: MiniEnergy
45798331: MiniEnergy
66703422: Recover300 J
32108251: Snake R
24247309: SneakRun
89866302: SneakRun
88019791: TwinFang 3 G
00274304: Unlocker
94872322: Unlocker
14769745: Untrap
02368995: Untrap
03696458: VariableSword C
68009092: ideShot 3 T
Navi Customizer Blocks
30873642: HP500
97618739: HP500
02109544: MegaFolder2
43494372: Body Pack
05178924: Buster Pack
25435428: Beat
10170506: Tango
73298100: Rush
75420107: Custom2

Game Modes

Beat the game on normal and choose to continue to play hard mode. Beat the game on hard and choose to continue to play super hard mode.

Unlock HP Plus Navi Block

In order to get this Navi block you need to beat dark Megaman 10 times and go to Shademan's coffin and you will find a key. You need to take the key somewhere and open a door. After that you need to beat Shademan Sp and get his Sp chip. Then go back to his coffin and it will be there with a very powerful chip, a harmless darkchip with no dark powers, Evil Vuclan 4.

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