Mega Man X7 - Get X


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Get X

Save 64 hostages/robots or defeat two Bosses

Get Zero

You will unlock Zero as you progress with Axl.

Completion Bonus

Complete the game and then choose the "New Game" option to begin with your previous chips, X, and his armor.

X has Full Armor

Hold Select when choosing X at the character selection screen.

Get X's Ultimate Armor

Find the large blue things for the parts of X's Ultimate Armor

"Lava" Stage

Look low for it in the first phase of the stage.

"Airplane" Stage

Look in the maze-like room in the second phase of the stage.

"Computer" Stage

Use the portals to reach it in the second phase of the stage.

"Jungle" Stage

After the "spike" area, there will be two stone spitting rocks, one on top the other. Use these two rocks to jump up top to the left area on a tree branch to get the blue pod containing the boots.

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