Megaman 7 - RUSH PowerUp


Total votes: 15

RUSH PowerUp

Password: 7235765411452551

Full Power

Password: 6853564612417515

Ultimate/Vs. Mode

Password: 1415558578236251
Press Start to begin at the end level of the game. To play in Vs. mode hold L R on Controllers One and Two and press Start on Controller One.

Level Passwords

Burst Man 8775251754128362
Cloud Man 8775278674162272
Junk Man 8335251654128232
Freeze Man 2335278684122332
Museum 2375271634532232
Slash Man 2375278634432232
Spring Man 3275278684478172
Shade Man 3275358624438532
Turbo Man 2274368624458438
Dr. Wily 2235741435458431

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