Megaman X - Armor helmet acceleration several heart tanks 3 sub tanks All Bosses are intact


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Armor helmet acceleration several heart tanks 3 sub tanks All Bosses are intact

Password: 1152 1176 2181

Almost all heart tanks 3 extra energy tanks armor helmet boots blaster

Password: 6544 8278 6228

All items except for the Hadouken

Password: 8441 2136 4421

All powerups except for the fireball and four hearts

Password: 1131 6718 8226

Super armor helmet boots 4 extra energy tanks

Password: 8447 2136 4426

All heart tanks all sub tanks have the helmet armor dash boots and arm cannon; Octopus Penguin Mammoth and Kuwanger are defeated

Password: 7438 3816 1421

Level Passwords

After Vile 5385 7136 6321
Chill Penguin defeated 6385 5336 5364
Storm Eagle defeated 6483 7376 5124
Flame Mammoth defeated 1573 5232 7264
Spark Mandrill defeated 5131 7358 4181
Armored Armadillo defeated 5147 8437 4536
Launch Octopus defeated 1556 6642 7448
Boomer Kuwranger defeated 5151 3427 4261
Extra Life Tank 5447 4177 4536
Sting Chameleon defeated 4131 6712 1221

Hadoken Fireball

Enter the password: 8441 2136 4421. Then play the Armored Armadillo stage four times and when you reach the end of the level you must use escape velocity and you must have all weapon meters and health meter full. After that play the level again and when you reach the end climb up the cliff and at the top you will find Dr. Light in a Ryu costume and he will give you the Hadoken. To use your new power sweep the controller in a quarter circle motion from the down to forward. You must have full health and weapons to use it and it will defeat all the Sigma bosses with one hit but once you turn the power off you lose it.
Submitted by Dawn Kuhn

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