Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance - Ninja Raiden and more

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance - Ninja Raiden and more

Ninja Raiden and more

To get ninja raiden, complete 50 of his VR missions, which include hold up mode, weapon mode, etc. To get raiden x, complete 100 of raiden's VR missions. To get tuxedo snake, complete 50 of his VR missions. To get Metal Gear Solid 1 snake, you must complete all ninja raiden missions, all raiden missions, all raiden x missions, and all snake and tuxedo snake missions.

Beating Gurgolon

To beat Gurgolon the giangantic beast in Raiden's last variety leveluse your stinger to hit one of his targets .Afterwards, pull out an AK74-U and shoot the little blue thing swarming around where you shot him.The target will get smaller making it more difficult to hit.Eventually you will destroy the target, repeat until all targets are destroyed.Also theres a funny bit to the level:put on the BDU enemy outfit and equip the AK47-U. Let him trap you with his soundwaves and let him fire his eyebeams.Before it hits you, an explanation point pops above his head, which changes into a heart. He picks Raiden up and walks off with him as love music plays..... unfortunatly you fail the mission.

Get Stealth & Bandana

Finish the tanker missions 3 different times using 3 different difficulty settings on the same save file

Get Pliskin

Finish 50 of the VR Missions as Snake

Get Raiden X

Finish 100 of the VR Missions as Raiden AND Raiden in his Ninja costume

Get Snake in a Tuxedo

Finish 100 of the VR Missions as Pliskin

Get Boss Survival & Casting Theartre

Finish Sons of Liberty using any difficulty setting

Get Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake

Finish 100 of Missions using ALL CHARACTERS