Metroid Prime - Ingame reset


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In-game reset

Hold Start B X for two to three seconds during game play.

Get Metroid Fusion Suit

Use the GBAGBC link cable to upload the suit that Samus uses into Metroid Prime.
NOTE: This will only work if you have completed Metroid Fusion AND Metroid Prime.
Submitted by Kyle Packey

Get Mini-game NES Metroid

You will need a copy of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance to get this. When you have beaten Metroid Prime, connect your Game Boy Advance with a link cable and you will be able to play the classic NES Metroid on your GameCube.

Get Image Gallery 1

Scan 50 of the Creature & research data

Get art gallery 2

Scan 100 everything

Get Image Gallery 3

Collect 100 all items

Get Image Gallery 4

Finish the game on Hard mode

Cinema Metroidiso

Collect every Missile expansion, power bomb expansion, and Energy tank in the game and you'll unlock a secret end of the game cinema. There may also be other surprises in store as well?

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game with a 100 completion percentage to unlock hard mode.

Alternate ending sequences

Finish the game with a 74 or less completion percentage for the normal ending sequence. Finish the game with a 75 to 99 completion percentage to view an alternate ending sequence. Finish the game with a 100 completion percentage to view the best ending sequence.

Fire missiles faster

With the first gun equipped, rapidly press Y A. As soon as the missile fires, the gun will switch back to beam weapon mode, but when you press Y again, it fires another missile. This can take down enemies in a shorter time, preventing them from having more attacks on you.

Get unreachable power-ups

If energy or ammunition is out of your reach, aim and charge your beam. The energy or ammunition will come to you.

Heat wave

Shoot any beam weapon repeatedly for about thirty seconds. When you stop, a heat wave can be seen in front of the arm cannon.

Phazon Suit

To acquire the Phazon Suit, you must defeat the Omega Pirate. The Phazon Suit makes you immune to most forms of Phazon radiation. It also comes equipped with the Phazon Beam, which can only be activated during the last Boss fight.

See Samus' reaction

To see Samus' reaction within the helmet inside of the reflection, charge and shoot directly at the ground. Note: Try this in an icy place.

Kill birds in Chozo Ruins

When you enter the Chozo Ruins, aim your gun skywards. You will see birds flying. Shoot the birds and they will explode, with feathers all over the place.

Defeating Metroids

Normal Metroids not Prime can be dispatched rapidly by using Freeze Beam followed by a missile.

Defeating Chozo Ghosts easily

Shoot two Super Missiles to kill Chozo Ghosts. Also, if you have the X-ray Scope, you can maintain a lock on them.

Defeating Flaahgra

The trick is to knock down the light-reflecting mirrors and bomb the plant away. At first, there is only one mirror that reflects the light and helps grow the plant. Fire at the Boss with normal fire rapidly until it is stunned; there is no need for heavy firearms. It will not be able to attack you at all if you stun it on time. After the plant Boss is stunned, run to the one reflecting mirror and shoot the red target behind the mirror with either a charge beam or only one missile. The plant will shrink and its spiky roots will vanish. Roll into a ball, go into where the roots were protecting, and drop a bomb. The plant is killed, but returns with two mirrors. Do the same thing with two mirrors, then three mirrors, then finally four mirrors. After finally killing the plant, the Varia Suit is yours.

Defeating Elite Pirates

When the Elite Pirates burst out of containment, switch to your normal beam and build up a charge shot. When the Elite is not trying to absorb energy, fire a Super Missile at them. Two Super Missiles will take them down. Use the following tactics to defeat the different kinds of Elite Pirates at the Phazon Mines. This is a very difficult area due to switching beams for certain pirates:

Power Troopers

Use Normal Beams or charge a Normal Beam at it three to four times.

Wave Troopers

Use Wave Beams or charge a Wave Beam at it two to four times.

Ice Troopers

Use Ice Beams or charge an Ice Beam at it and finish it with one missile.

Shadow Pirates

Use the Thermal Visor to see them. Use Wave Beams or charge a Wave Beam at it at full force two to four times; or, fire with ease with the Plasma Beam.

Plasma Troopers

Fire at them with your Plasma Beam three or four times. Hide behind a wall and the Plasma Beam will end up finishing them with its burning effect. Do this to other pirates as well, even though they only need about three shots to be killed, only about one will evaporate them if you just wait patiently.

Full map of Tallon IV

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock Image Gallery 3. When this gallery is opened, there will be a map of the entire game, indicating where everything and everyone is. The left side of the map will have a legend on it.

See Samus' reaction

To see Samus' reaction within the helmet inside of the reflection, charge and shoot directly at the ground. Note: Try this in an icy place.

Samus' gets bored

Allow the game to idle for a few seconds. Samus will fiddle with her arm cannon, and eventually do something that resembles taking a nap. Try this with the thermal and x-ray visor for a better effect.

Classic Metroid: Play as Samus with bonus weapons

Press Z at the main menu, then enter JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------ as a password. You will begin the game with all the power-ups, and Samus will not be wearing her suit. Press Z to equip the missiles and she will have blonde hair; she will have brown hair without them equipped.

Classic Metroid: Super password

Enter NARPAS SWORD0 0000 as a password. Note: "" indicates a space, and except for the letter "O" in "SWORD", the remaining characters are the number zero. You will start at the beginning of the game with unlimited life, unlimited missiles, and all upgrades. The word in this is "NAR PASSWORD". "NAR" is an abbreviation for the name of the person who designed the password system, Tohru Narihiro.

Classic Metroid: Harder game

Press Z at the main menu, then enter 999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK as a password.

Classic Metroid: Samus without suit

Successfully complete the classic Metroid game under two hours to view Samus

Classic Metroid: Super Bomb

Charge a weapon with the Tri Laser, then drop a bomb.

Classic Metroid: Hint: Refill energy easily

Go to a pipe that has enemies constantly appearing at ground level with no other enemies around. Just keep shooting and the enemies will fly into your bullets, leaving energy and other items.

Easy kills

Flying Pirates, Gun Turrets, and most non-mini Boss type creatures can be taken out by the Ice Beam followed by a missile.

To easily take down enemies under hard mode, use the following strategy. Charge up Wave Beam or another weapon with stun capabilities, fire it at the enemy, shoot a missile, then repeat. This will use up a lot of missiles, but is vital for getting through long parts, such as the Phazon Mines or Research Facility.

When confronting flying or very quick enemies, such as a Flying Space Pirates, Metroids, Stealth Pirates, etc., use your Wave Beam. The Wave Beam, unlike the other beams, homes in on the target you locked on to. When using a different weapon, it is easy to miss. Also, if you charge up the beam, your enemy becomes stunned for a few seconds, allowing you to get in another good shot or two. Missiles can also be used, but should be conserved. Sometimes, if you are very close to an enemy, you may want to use a Charged Ice Beam. This freezes your enemy for a longer time than the Wave Beam stuns them. However, this is risky.

To kill birds easily, when you enter a room with a War Wasp hive, shoot the clustered part of the hive with a missile. It will explode, and the War Wasps can escape.

To defeat ice creatures easily use the Plasma Beam or Flamethrower. It can kill most ice enemies, including Sheegoths, with only one or two hits.

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