Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Open main exit

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Open main exit
Open main exit:
Before or during a flight, press [Shift] E.

Open secondary exits and cargo hatches:
Press [Shift] E 2 and all planes with cargo hatches or secondary exits will open them.

Back up:
While on the ground press [Shift] P and the plane will back up automatically. Pressing [Shift] P again will stop the plane. Note: This action does not work in the air.

Adjust time:
Hold R and press [Equals] to speed up time. Hold R and press [Minus] to slow down time.

Landing a helicopter:
Slowly decrease the throttle until you are about 400 feet above the ground. Then, level your chopper out and go to three quarters throttle half way may also work and slowly set it down. When you land, decrease the throttle or increase it and take off again.

Easier landings:
When landing a plane using virtual cockpit mode, always line the runway in the center of the left part of the windshield. This will help line you up with the runway better.